Plant update

010011 The very sad looking Pinot Noir vine has done great since being planted. It now has a cluster of grapes and is a lovely shade of green. The blueberry bushes are growing great. They are working on growth and need to be trimmed to stay bush like and not tree like 🙂 We have 2 Goji berry plants in pots and those are growing perfect. That’s a relief because they were delivered from Home Depot online and were just twigs with roots basically.


Some plants around Fort Rosenau

imageimageimageWe have decided on our farm name: Fort Rosenau. In addition to finally naming our property, we planted two wine grape varieties, a Viognier and a Pinot Noir. Also in the ground are two blueberry bushes and 6 cherry tomato plants. There are two terra cotta pots on our porch that have an Elegance Sky Lavender and Watermelon Heaven California poppy. In the next few months, we will be working on transforming a rock filled area near the garage into an herb garden with a birdbath, feeders and a bench. A few days ago, I harvested some lavender and hung it up to dry in an unused (for now) linen closet. Once we finish unpacking, the guest linens will go in there and absorb the scent of the drying lavender.

Tragedy since moving :(


Roxanne, my sweetheart mixed breed bunny has sadly passed away from the stresses of moving. She was only 2 years old and it was just too much for her. I miss her terribly.

On a different note, once I get my shed/barn put together, I will be making modifications to include a fenced in area connected to the front of the building for rabbit(s) and chickens to wander protected. There will be a larger fenced area for the goats and chickens to roam and munch on grasses and weeds and bugs. There might be bees in our future, but that would be a long shot.

On Thursday we went to Washington D.C. on the Amtrak and walked around from Capitol Hill down to the Lincoln Memorial and back to Union Station. It was a very enjoyable day and I am so happy we get to go on mini vacations with a very well behaved baby. Speaking of that baby, he is almost 7 months old! Where does the time go? Well, I am off to continue unpacking and trying to get this house in order. Tim’s mom and sister will be here in a few weeks and we still have so much to do to get ready, like put the beds together in the spare rooms!


Well, at least we are still leaving…

We can’t officially leave until next week but we already have an offer on a beautiful house with about 4 acres so I can have my chickies and ducks and a big garden (until I get tired of tilling and weeding it all and just grow herbs). My crazy husband is getting a sailboat after we close on this house. He can go have fun on that while Noah and I get to building a coop and filling a playroom city. First I want to thank Carrie Mcbride at apartment therapy for compiling a list of amazing tutes for felt food and saving me a ton by me not buying M&D or Ikea foods for the eventual farmers market stand and kitchen. I have to keep reminding myself, first unpack THEN start projects. All this with an almost-5-month-old-starting-to-teethe miracle. Atleast I have time to sew those foods 🙂 heres the link to the awesome list of felt food tutes

Finally Got Our Orders!!!

We got our orders and are officially leaving Louisiana at the end of April. It should be fun trying to move with a 4 month old and 2 dogs. Hubs is loking for jobs back home in virginia and michigan for him. Very different huh, tell me about it. He has family in Michigan and I have family in Virginia. Either way we will have support. I told him we should move to Hawaii so no one gets hurt or thinks we are favoring one side of the family more. Oh well, I have to get the house ready for the realtor. Wish us luck 🙂

Sorry it’s been so long…

imageBut the baby is here! He was born December 19th and weighed 6 pounds and 14 beautiful ounces. Now that we have caught up on sleep 🙂 we will be posting a lot more than once every few months! He loves kisses and holding hands and watching TV (not sure how I feel about the last one). He’s sleeping about 3 hours and wakes for food and diaper changes then during the day he loves playing in his activity gym mat. We are very excited to hopefully be moving soon. We (and by we, I mean my husband) has applied for early retirement from the Air Force. We should know in the next few weeks if we (he) is approved, fingers crossed. The sooner we get out of here, the sooner the title of this blog will make sense.

It’s a…..

Today we went to the specialist and did some more blood work to double check for abnormalities and we also got to find out the sex. At 17 weeks today, we found out that it’s a little baby boy! Now I can get to real shopping instead of window shopping. We should find out in about 2 weeks whether the blood work shows any abnormalities or whether we have a healthy baby boy. I passed my classes with A’s! Well, I’m off to rub my belly and read to my little bump.